Minutes of the Nettlebed Parish Council Meeting held at 8.00p.m. in the Village Club
Tuesday, July 6th .2004

Members Present Councillors Simon, McWhirter, Gibson, Butler, Atkins, Lewis, Ackerman and clerk D. Elms.

Apologies from County Councillor R. Belson and Councillor Reynolds.

Also Present Miss J. Phillips, Transport Representative, Mr. M. Lewis, Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator and Mr. Graham Roberts from Country Pest Control

Minutes The minutes of the meeting held on may 4th. were read, approved and signed.

Audit In accordance with audit requirements, the eight statements included on the Statement of Assurance section of the Annual Return for year ending March 31st.2004 ,were read, and approved by the Councillors
A risk assessment list had been prepared and a specially designed form prepared for future use. Having been completed by the internal auditor the form is now ready for posting , as instructed , on August 6th. to the external auditors, with a notice inviting parishioners to inspect the books up to that date.

Mr. G. Roberts As requested Mr. Roberts gave a very interesting and informative talk on deer found in our area. Culling is essential due to the large numbers around. All the deer in our area are wild with no owners , but local landowners pay Mr. Roberts to manage and control their numbers. If involved in an accident involving deer, the police should be informed and they will make arrangements to have the animal removed, or, if injured, to have it humanely killed.

Playground Fencing Several of the fencing posts at the far end of the playground became broken , leaving the fencing in a dangerous state. For this reason it was removed. Estimates were obtained from 3 fencing companies , familiar with children’s playgrounds – companies recommended by Mr. Roger Davis from the Playing Fields Association.
We have to decide whether to replace all the fencing, and whether it should be wooden or steel In view of the high costs
Councillors suggested that we should contact some local fencing firms The Chairman asked the meeting whether we should
proceed with managing the Children’s Playground, in view of the costs involved , or should it be closed. The unanimous decision was that we should keep it open.

Police Crime Figures for April/May Burglaries from non-dwellings – April 2, May 0. Thefts from cars – April 3, May 1. Other crimes – April 2

Update on School/Housing Project Everything at a standstill at present. Lots going on behind the scenes but nothing to report.

Hire of hall At the Village Club’s request, the Parish Council is asked to pay £10 for the use of the hall for each meeting. In future meetings will be held in the large hall

Private Refuse Skips Since the District Council no longer provide our village with refuse skips, the suggestion was made that we should consider hiring our own skips. Councillors were against this suggestion.

Henley Crime and Safety Group This newly formed group represents most organisations in the Henley area. Mr. Lewis has become a member and will represent the rural community. The first meeting was on June 16th.

Anchor Trust Councillors were reminded of this trust which is available to folk over 60 and the disabled. They can carry out small repairs , and being non- profit making , the charges are considerably less than commercial rates.

Appeal from Fire Control at Kidlington. It was agreed that we should support the fire control at Kidlington who are extremely concerned at Government proposals for them to become part of a very large area covering 9 counties stretching as far as
the Isle of Wight and Sussex, This would result in the closure of the premises at Kidlington. Being in the smaller area with
which they are familiar enables them to get the engines out in a matter of seconds

Meeting at Didcot There will be a meeting at Didcot on October 6th. to which Chairmen and Vice Chairmen are invited.

Chilterns Conservation Board An invitation for 2 parish Councillors from Oxfordshire to join this board. No offers from our Councillors.

Neighbourhood Inspector at Henley Police. An invitation from Jason Purnell , the Neighbourhood Inspector at Henley Police for each Parish Clerk to attend a meeting, or send a representative on July 26th.
The Chairman expressed a wish to attend and Mr. Lewis wishes to attend in his capacity as
Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.

Report from Planning Sub-Committee Plans received from the following –
The Lease, Crocker End – extension – no objection from PC
Catteslip House – new stables- no objection from PC
Catteslip House – extension – no objection from PC
Toyes, Port Hill –extension - no objection from PC
The Kennels – new bay with balcony – no objection from PC
40, High Street – application for removal of wall to enable parking area on drive – refused by SODC planners – Nettlebed Estate going to appeal

Report from Roads and Footpaths Sub-Commmittee
Damaged pavement by 19, The Ridgeway – reported to Highways,
Surface Dressing program for 2004 received from Area Engineer. 4130 from Mays Farm to Nettlebed only local road shown

Report from Recreation and Amenities Sub-Committee
broken fence at Playground- removed and taken to Oakley Wood.
Building material dumped in wood. Report from parishioner who was able to supply evidence having collected paper
work from the site Public Amenities removed material following day and will be hoping to locate the offender

Public Question Time
6 members of public present. Matters raised as follows – 1. Wanbourne Lane Hedge needs cutting. 2. Hedge along side 20,The Ridgeway needs cutting – owner to be contacted. 3. Loose kerb stones at junction of Pearce’s Meadow and The Ridgeway also at junction of The Ridgeway and Wanbourne Lane 4. Huge Chestnut tree by 13, Lion Meadow badly in need of cutting back.5. Overhanging trees and hedge alongside pathway from Lion Meadow to Watlington Street, in need of trimming.6. No response from Oxford Housing Association who were advised of gap in hedge along Watlington St. which needs to be filled with several Hawthorn bushes.- clerk to contact again.

Date of Next Meeting September 7th 2004

Meeting Closed at 10.20p.m.