Minutes of Nettlebed Parish Council meeting  held on
Tuesday, January 11th 2005

Members Present Councillors Simon, McWhirter, Butler, Gibson, Lewis, Reynolds, Ackerman and clerk D.Elms.

Apologies from Councillor M. Atkins and Transport Representative J. Phillips.

Also present PC K. Brockington and Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator M. Lewis.

Minutes of the meeting held on November 2nd. 2004 were read, approved and signed

Budget A budget forecast had been circulated to all Councillors prior to the meeting. It was agreed that in order to cover expected expenses, the precept should be raised to £10.000 which is considerably higher than normal.

Children’s Playground having obtained quotes from 4 local companies and 3 national fencing firms it was agreed to accept the quote of £2,800 from Mr. Brittain. Work to start very shortly during which time the playground will be closed.

Risk Assessments. In order to comply with instructions from the external auditors, being a complex subject an extraordinary meeting was called with all Councillors and our internal auditor attending.. The risk assessments will be finalized and minuted at the full Council meeting on March 1st.thereby ensuring that they will be included in the audit report for year ending March 31st.2005

PC Brockington Particularly in view of a spate of overnight burglaries and one daytime distraction burglary , we were again reminded of the need to ensure that all windows and doors are kept locked and that no unknown callers should ever be invited into our homes. It was suggested that we should provide a venue and invite parishioners to attend in order to meet PC Brockington and to raise with him any matters of concern . It was decided to hold this Police surgery in the Village Club at 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 15th. This will enable us to include details in a news sheet which will 0be delivered to every home. This will be a golden opportunity for those who say they never see a policeman and we appreciate his willingness to attend this and our regular Council meetings, .particularly since we are but one of the parishes he covers.

Neighbourhood Watch M Lewis is disappointed that there are still several areas in the village without a N.W. Co-ordinator. Any person living in one of the uncovered areas, who would like to be informed when he receives information via Ringmaster, from Abingdon, should contact Mr. Lewis . There was some discussion that not all crimes are being reported via Ringmaster – this to be discussed with Abingdon. It was suggested that in some cases, elderly or vulnerable people, particularly those living alone might be persuaded to invest in an alarm. These cost £19 a quarter and at present there are no funds to cover this cost.

Sports Association The Council is very grateful for a donation received from the Sports Association, which will help meet the costs of the fencing at the playground.

Dial a Ride This is a new means of transport, sponsored by S.O.D.C.  Run by Walter’s Limousines, people with no means of transport and those with a mobility problem can order a car which for a cost of £4.00 return will offer door to door service to areas approximately within the Henley, Sonning Common , Nettlebed area on Thursdays. Bus tokens will be accepted. More flexible journeys may be possible on Mondays. This service is on trial for a year so it is a case of use it or lose it.

Meeting at Didcot An all day meeting for Councillors and Clerks at Didcot on February 23rd. Previous meetings of this type have proved to be very worthwhile. Councillors Lewis, and Ackerman and the clerk will attend and possibly Councillor Gibson.

Update on school This project has reached the final stages and contracts are being signed by all parties involved. All Councillors at the meeting stated their gratitude to Barbara Lewis who, over the past 5 years has worked so diligently on behalf of the Parish Council ironing out all the many complexes . We also greatly appreciate all the time and effort by Councillor McWhirter who has guided us through such a complicated project . He is also responsible for introducing Andy Coyle, the solicitor without whom we could never have got past the first hurdle

Parking Facilities during school building. Councillors were most perturbed to learn that the access by the builders of the new school was to be via the Church hall car park, and not, as originally planned via Sue Ryder to the rear of the site. It was felt that heavy construction vehicles approaching from the busy A road would create an upheaval which would be most unsatisfactory . It would also entail destroying mature trees and that the network of tree roots would create unstable ground . When this access was discussed originally, the forestry department were strongly against it. The lack of parking facilities in the car park during working hours. would add to parking problems which already exist in the village. A letter stating our views has been sent to all relevant heads of departments – within OCC and SODC hoping to persuade them to revert to the original sire access

Annual Parish Meeting It was agreed to hold our annual Parish Meeting on April 6th. in the Church Hall. It was also agreed to approach Mr. Boris Johnson, our MP to ask if he could address this meeting. If he is unwilling or unavailable to approach Mrs Kelaart, the High Sheriff of Oxford.

Report from Planning Sub-Committee The following plans received. No objections from Parish council a. Replacement of Soundess Lodge b. Dropped kerb at 3, Wanbourne Cottages to allow vehicular access. 3. Amendment to plans passed for Toyes. d. A glasshouse at Soundess.

Report from Roads and Footpaths Sub-Committee

Horse riding along footpath 14 making it impossible for pedestrians. Letter to be sent to known offender together with a copy of the definitive map showing footpaths and bridleways.

Report from Recreation and Amenities Sub-Committee

Christmas cards can be taken to W.H.Smith’s for re-cycling.
Details of Science lectures at the Rutherford Laboratories.
A letter to be sent to the known owner of a dog which is constantly roaming about the village . Likely to be involved in an accident or to cause one.

Thanks As previously stated, our grateful thanks to Barbara Lewis and Jim McWhirter who have worked so hard in bringing the complicated school project to fruition. Our thanks also to all involved in the wonderful new surgery

Public Question Time- 3 members of public present.

Date of next meeting - March 1st.

Date of Annual parish meeting – April 6th.

Date of Police Surgery - March 15th.

Meeting closed at 10.15p.m.



These minutes will be signed, subject to approval by the Councillors at the next meeting on March 1st.2005