Minutes of Nettlebed Parish Council meeting  held on
Tuesday March 1st 2005

Members Present Councillors Simon, McWhirter, Reynolds, Butler, Gibson, Lewis, Ackerman and the clerk D. Elms.

Also Present  PC Brockington, Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator Malcolm Lewis and Transport Representative Jean Phillips

Apologies from Councillor Atkins, District Councillor D. Sloan and County Councillor R. Belson.

Minutes The minutes of the meeting held on January 11th. were read, approved and signed.

Risk assessments In accordance with requests from the external auditors a list of possible risks which might be encountered was drawn up by our internal auditor. Each item was discussed and the action to be taken was recorded.

PC Brockington and M. Lewis Since Nettlebed has received more distraction burglaries than other areas during recent years, it has been selected to be the area to receive a combined Police and N.H. Watch action plan. A list of elderly people living alone and others considered to be vulnerable is being compiled and PC Brockington hopes to visit each one. Advice and help would be given regarding secure locks, chains on doors, etc. and where necessary they would be put in touch with the Anchor Trust who would carry out the work, often at no cost.
M. Lewis would contact each of the co-ordinators suggesting that they should attend PC Brockington’s surgery in the Village Club on March 15th. Every parishioner had been advised of this surgery in a news sheet recently delivered and posters were being positioned around the village. It is hoped that parishioners will take full advantage of this opportunity to meet our new beat officer . It is also hoped that new co-ordinators will volunteer to cover the few areas in the village as yet uncovered.

New School The Parish Council’s request for the builders to approach the site via Sue Ryder rather than the Church hall Car park was declined in a letter received from Mr. John Phipps. All parties involved in the project were invited to a turf cutting ceremony held at the school on February 4th. since when work has been progressing at a rapid pace. The Overarching agreement between all parties involved, was signed on January 12th. on behalf of the Parish Council by Mrs Barbara Lewis.

S.E.R.A. This newly formed South East Regional Assembly covers an enormous part of the South East They are bombarding us with literature most of which would appear to be duplicating that which we receive from the District and County Councils

Litter Blitz We are left to make our own arrangements regarding whether or not to organise a litter blitz. The equipment , namely safety jackets, litter picking sticks, and plastic bags can be obtained from S.O.D.C. but must be returned promptly . It was decided to have a one day blitz on Saturday May 7th.

Environmental Improvement scheme Small grants can be obtained for certain projects which are considered to enhance the area, but the Parish Council would be expected to establish costing and to pay 50%. Two possible suggestions were made – 1. The granary store at Peebles , Crocker End. 2. The pump in front of the Village Club, in the High Street. Finances will not permit our partaking this year but consideration could be given for a future year.

Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Bill This bill was introduced in Parliament in December and if implemented could increase the powers of Parish Councils. The P.C. would be able to issue fixed penalty notices for litter, dog control , graffiti, fly posting , crime and disorder nuisance, abandoned vehicles., assuming that they wished to accept this power.

Children’s Playground New fencing is currently being erected at the playground. Ground levelling and grass seeding to follow with concrete slabs at the gate entrance.. After this work is completed, equipment to be cleaned and painted where necessary by Councillors

Annual Parish Meeting  Mrs Anne Kelaart has agreed to give a short account of her year as the High Sheriff of Oxfordshire which she has just completed.

Report from Planning Sub-Committee.1. Chapel House – utility room and new chimney – no objection from PC 2. 38 Priest Close – garage and store- no objection.

Report from Roads and Footpaths sub- committee

Footpath 14 at Crocker End – impassable on foot due to known person taking horse along. Letter sent – no reply. Councillor Butler to establish if owner has stopped taking horse along.

2. Parishioner reported missing inspection cover on manhole on A4130 on Henley side of roundabout. Reported to PC Brockington who acted immediately . Highways replaced cover same day. Not satisfactory – edges breaking away. Inspected by D. Kayle of Highways who will contact Cable and Wireless the owners pointing out that on two occasions in the past year the cover has been broken Causes a great deal of noise which upsets Catslip residents

3. Track fronting houses north of Wanbourne Lane, on Watlington Street in need of repair. Endeavouring to establish owner. Contacted Highways , Land Records Office at O.C.C. and Land Registry at Gloucester. No information re ownership and not registered Letter sent to Estate Office to find out if they own it

4. Letter sent to White Hart explaining that houses in Lion Meadow are deprived of light due to the tall hedge at rear of car park.

5. E-mail received re pollarded beech tree thought to be 500 -600 years old. Contacted Forestry Officer at S.O.D.C. who has referred us to an ancient tree forum on the website.

Report from Recreation and Amenities Sub-Committee In a recently issued news-sheet, parishioners were informed of an article on brick making in the area. Written by Malcolm Lewis it is now available on the Nettlebed Web-site. In the event of having no access to a computer, to contact the clerk who will supply a printed copy.

Details were also given of a farm walk in the Hailey area on March 12th. and organised by D.E.F.R.A.

Report from Transport Representative. The newly formed Dial a ride service is being used by the people who were so upset when Mrs Beech’s bus ceased to run when the subsidy was withdrawn

Public Question Time Only 2 parishioners present.

Date of next meeting – May 3rd.

Date of Annual Parish Meeting- April 6th.

Date of Police Surgery – March 15th.

Meeting Closed – 10.05p.m

These minutes will be signed by the Chairman at the meeting on May 3rd. subject to approval by the Councillors.