SOXON says plastic, cans, paper, cardboard please !!

We all know that recycling waste material is a good thing, but many people arenít always sure why.

There are a number of good reasons to recycle, these include: -

1)      We currently landfill over 80% of the waste we produce, we cannot continue to do this as the space available to bury this waste is rapidly running out.  Landfill sites also produce Ďlandfill gasí (a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide) which contributes to the green-house effect.

2)      Recycling saves both energy and natural resources. Recycling an aluminium drinks can uses only 5% of the energy used to make the same can from raw materials.

3)      Recycling also created more jobs than any other waste management technique, both in the collection and reprocessing of the materials.

South Oxfordshire District Council currently provides a number of recycling services to our residents of the district.

You can put plastic bottles, plastic packaging and carrier bags in the green boxes for recycling through the collection service, as well as the paper, cardboard, tins and cans we have been collecting for some years. Each year residents of South Oxfordshire recycle over 5,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard, thatís the equivalent of 50,000 trees!

However, we all need to do more to protect our environment and natural resources. Please separate your paper, cardboard, cans, tins and plastic for recycling. If you would like a green recycling box please telephone (01491) 823416

There is no need to separate the materials in your box, but we would recommend that on windy days you place a carrier bag of cans, tins or plastic bottles on top of any paper to prevent paper being blown out of your box.  Also please wash and squash tins, cans and plastic bottles.  This creates more room in your box and prevents accidents with sharp edges on the tins.

If you have more material than will fit in your recycling box please place these in a carrier bag next to, or on top of your box and this will be collected for recycling as well.

There are also a number of recycling sites around the area for glass, plastic, cans, tins, textiles, shoes and books. If there isnít a bank near you and you would like one, and have an idea for a site please contact the Nettlebed  parish council clerk  or the Public Amenities Team at South Oxfordshire District Council, Council Offices, Crowmarsh Gifford, Wallingford, OX10 8AT or telephone 01491 823471,
email: [email protected] 

Following the Recycling Story