Minutes of the Nettlebed Parish Council Meeting held at 8.00p.m. in the Village Club
Tuesday, March 2nd.2004

Members Present Councillors  J. Simon, J. McWhirter, N. Gibson, D. Butler, J. Reynolds,  M. Atkins , B. Lewis
Clerk D. Elms

Also Present  M. Lewis – Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator

Apologies for Absence  D. Ackerman, County Councillor R. Belson,  J. Phillips – Transport Representative.

Minutes The minutes of the meeting held on January 13th.2004 were read, approved and signed.

Parish Council’s involvement with new school project Over a period of 5 years, numerous meetings had taken place with representatives of the School Forum. Councillors McWhirter, Reynolds and Lewis had taken part in the discussions and recently Councillor Simon and the clerk had been involved. It was now necessary to obtain the approval or otherwise of the full Council to the suggestions which had become apparent. It was necessary for some ‘body’ within the village to sign a lease with the OCC. for the playgroup facilities in the new building. It was felt that the most appropriate arrangement would be for the Parish Council in conjunction with the Nettlebed Educational (aka Church Hall) Trustees to become the leaseholders. In view of the complexity of the undertaking , a solicitor had been approached to ascertain if he would represent the Parish Council with these negotiations. The group taking on this lease which would be for a period of 60 years, would sublet the lease to the playgroup. Assurance was given that only a peppercorn rent would be required. Expenses would be incurred covering the solicitor’s fees, the public liability insurance which would be required and limited internal repairs to the playgroup room when required. The Parish Council had consulted the OALC. who in turn had consulted the NALC. in order to satisfy themselves that this transaction could be entered into legally and their decision is awaited. When all aspects of this transaction were fully understood by all the Councillors, the following statement was made : ‘Provided the Oxford County Council delivered what they promised, the Parish Councillors unanimously agreed to become involved in conjunction with the Nettlebed School Trust to a joint lease with OCC for the Playgroup . All this assuming that no obstacles arose from the OALC. and NALC. who have yet to report’

Police Crime Figures for Nettlebed The crime figures for December and January as follows:

Burglaries from dwellings –     Dec.-2 Jan.-0
Burglaries from non-dwellings - Dec –1 Jan.-1
Other thefts ………………………….        Dec.-0 Jan.-1
Thefts from cars ……………………..     Dec –0 Jan-2
Assault………………………………..           Dec –1 Jan-0
Other crimes…………………………          Dec –2 Jan-0
Drug offences throughout 2003   3

Recycling Since the District Council aims to reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill, they have again issued an account of what happens during the recycling process. This article has been included in news-sheet 33 recently issued to all households.

Nettlebed and District Commons Project  It was agreed to write to the Commons Conservators supporting their plans to re-instate Peppard and Kingwood Commons to their original open area state, clearing the dense undergrowth and possibly re-introducing grazing at times.

Grass Cutting It was agreed to accept the quote from Scion Estates for the grass cutting of the village quoted at £98.70 per cut. Cuts every 3 weeks with about 8 cuts usually required.

Community Waste Service As last year, the weekly community waste service will continue at 9 key sites with an additional vehicle for compostable material. Unfortunately, rural villages such as Nettlebed will not have refuse vehicles provided.

Register of Interests The Standard Board for England has now advised that members of the

Freemasons should register their interests , since part of the Masons’ subscription goes to a charitable organisation and charity membership needs to be registered.

Litter Blitz In view of the amount of litter around, it was agreed to hold a 2 day litter blitz on April 24th.and25th

Training Meeting Councillors were informed of a training meeting at Crowmarsh on March 16th.at 7.00p.m.

Deer Culling It was agreed that we should invite the gentleman who culls deer locally, to talk briefly at the Annual Parish Meeting on March 31s t. At that meeting  Mr.R.Davis from the Oxfordshire Playing Fields Association will be giving an illustrated talk mainly on the Disability Discrimination Act which comes into force in October 2004.

Neighbourhood Watch Mr. Lewis said that the Anchor Trust had supplied and installed security lights at nos. 1, 2, and 3 Lion Meadow at no cost to the residents. This was in response to their concern since the street light had been shaded.

Report from Planning Sub-Committee  No new plans received. The applications for a garage conversion at Kiln Bank and for a driveway at 40, High Street, have both been refused by SODC.

Report from Roads and Footpaths Sub-Committee The potholes in the Ridgeway have now been repaired.

Report from Recreation and Amenities Sub-Committee News-sheet no.33 now being delivered to all households.

Public Question Time  Apart from Mr. Lewis, no members of the public present.

Date of Annual Parish Meeting Wednesday, March 31st.2004

Date of next Council Meeting Tuesday, May 4th.2004

Meeting closed at 10.00p.m.