Nettlebed News Sheet Number 32

September 2003


Since our last news-sheet in March, we have welcomed to the Parish Council, Dr. Michael Atkins. Michael has lived in Nettlebed for 17 years and now wishes to ‘do his bit for the village’ – a sentiment we like to hear.

Transport Survey

Will you please return the attached Transport Survey as soon as possible in order that the powers that be at Oxfordshire County Council can assess our transport needs.?

Recycled Waste

Unless you have recently moved to the village, you will be well aware that we are asked to separate items which can be re-cycled from the others. A green box is supplied ,free of charge for your re-cyclable items – paper, cardboard, tins, plastic wrappings and plastic bottles – but not g lass of any kind.
The green boxes are available from the Council Offices at Crowmarsh but to save you the journey, I the clerk ,have arranged to keep a supply in my garage so please let me know if you need one. 01491 641856

Neighbourhood Watch

In order to ensure that we all understand the purpose of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme – Malcolm Lewis, the area co-ordinator , has kindly given us the article printed overleaf. As you will see, JuliaWheeler, Crime Reduction Adviser andLesley Nesbitt , the Regional Watch Administrator for South Oxfordshire will be coming to the next Council meeting on November explain the work involved and to answer any questions.
Why not come along – 8.00p.m. in the small hall of the Village Club. It will also be an opportunity for you to be kept up to date with events regarding the new school/housing project and the proposed new surgery


Where possible we like to send to all newcomers a welcome letter, together with lists of the activities which take place in the village. We can only do this if you notify us whenever you have a new neighbour.

Parish Council Website -
If you have access to a computer, do log on to the Nettlebed website- you will find a wealth of information on it. If you have any information which you feel should go on it, please contact the clerk
on 01491 641856 or [email protected]


Jeremy Simon – Chairman
Jim McWhirter –Vice Chairman
Norman Gibson
David Butler
Jeff Reynolds
Barbara Lewis
Dot Ackerman
Michael Atkins


These signs are a familiar sight around Nettlebed and announce to visitors that the village is a friendly and safe place in which to live. The Nettlebed Neighbourhood Watch Scheme has been operating for a number of years here and the majority of residents enjoy free membership. They are kept informed of police security information by volunteer co-ordinators. Typical messages include details of distraction burglaries, fraudsters operating scams to gain entrance to peoples’ homes and information about suspect vehicles.

Information police have received from residents , either direct or via the Thames Valley
anonymous reporting number 0800 555 111, have frequently led to successful criminal convictions.

Your NHW co-ordinator can supply you with useful crime protection information to make your property and possessions more secure.

Julia Wheeler, Crime Reduction Adviser, based at Henley Police Station, has been invited to attend the next Parish Council meeting on Tuesday, November 4th. at 8.00p.m. in the Village Club to talk about her role in helping local towns and villages to remain friendly and safe places in which to live. Julia has much helpful advice to give so do please try to come along.
Lesley Nesbitt, Regional Watch Administrator for South Oxfordshire will also be attending to answer any questions about the benefits of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and how we can extend its coverage in and around the village.
If you are unsure about who is the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator for your road or area contact the Nettlebed NHW area co-ordinator, Malcolm Lewis on 01491 641648

If you want to report information at any time please telephone the following;-

ABINGDON POLICE 01235 556 888 (24 hours)

CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111

In extreme emergency 999